Top 3 social apps in China (monthly active users):
1. WeChat = 1.2b
2. Weibo = 540m
3. Douyin = 495m

Some numbers in 2020:
– 900m people in China are on mobile devices📱
– The average netizen spends 5hr 30min a day on their phone ⏰

Digital Marketing:
– 75% of promotional spend in China is digital 📩
– 80% of digital marketing is targeted at mobile audiences 📱
– $90b was spent on digital marketing in China during 2020 💵
– 15% increased spend on digital and social media compared to 2019 📈

Image credit: SAMPi Marketing

Short-form video content in China.

The two leading short-form video platforms in China:

– Douyin = 495 million MAU (Traditionally – Tier 1,2)
– Kuaishou = 340 million MAU (Traditionally – Tier 3,4)

Douyin has been recognized as the dominant force in China in recent years but as the platform’s growth has plateaued, Kuaishou has upped their attempt to compete with Douyin as they look to penetrate tier 1 and 2 cities across China.

The most recent sign of this was the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo as the platform ambassador. Since launching, the star has seen over 8 million users follow his account, with many claiming to have downloaded the platform to show their support.

This move will undoubtedly trigger brands and users both in China and in the west to think twice about where to focus their resources.

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