Facts you didn’t know about Prosecco!

Things You Should Know About Prosecco|Prosecco知多少

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Prosecco Guide

When talking about Prosecco, people often define it as a substitute for chambagne. However, produced only in the northeast of Italy, Prosecco is a distinguished sparkling wine that offers you a light yet persistent flavor. 


Prosecco is made with Glera through Charmat sparkling method, which enables Prosecco’s bubble to last longer compared to beer. The taste of Prosecco is fruity, fresh, and mostly sweet.  


Such delightful taste makes Prosecco perfect for a wide range of food and your first choice to pair with a brunch. Exclusive Wine Club just presented a Prosecco for the past International Women’s Day and here is another Prosecco that we recommend: PROSECCO DOC EXTRA DRY MILLESIMATO。

得益于可口清爽的口感,Prosecco可以搭配各种各样的食物,更是早午餐伴酒的首选。在刚刚过去的女王节,Exclusive Wine Club就为各位推荐了一款Prosecco,除此之外,Exclusive Wine Club还为各位葡萄酒爱好者准备了以下这款一样可口的Prosecco:萨克拉蒙迪普罗塞科起泡葡萄酒DOC。

Origin: Sacramundi Winery, Italy


Grape: Glera


Alcohol Content: 11%


It is available in our mini program and you can find it through the QR code below. 

您能通过扫描下方二维码进入Exclusive Wine Club小程序进行购买。

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