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Find and discover some of the best interesting  cities in China, Mexico, Nigeria and globally. Connect with friends and partners in sectors such as Hotels, Restaurants, Events, Real Estate, Jobs and Shopping



List your businesses on for free, increase exposure, ensure friends and partners can discover accurate information about your business.



List your business or Claim an existing listing.  Adding accurate information about your business will help to promote your Businesses.


Popular Questions

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked frequently about.

1. What is is a Professional Directory and Listing platform, an online magazine, and a city guide of major metropolitan cities globally. It is mainly for local and foreign residents, Businesses, expatriates, and tourists searching for directions and updated information such as Events & Venues, global Stories, Shopping, Properties, Jobs, Digital Advertising, and Communication.

2. Who owns is own and operated by SUMELTEX COMPANY LIMITED.

3. How does it work?

Business owners can visit the homepage, register, and create a free user account to list any Business, Events & Venues, Properties, Jobs, Buy and Sell, advertise, and market products and services to specific consumers globally.

4. How Can I Get Listed on

Listing on is very simple. Visit the homepage, register and create a free user account to list your Businesses, Articles, Events & Venues, Properties, Jobs, and Products, and Services. 

5. Is it allowed to add any listing that is not mine?

Yes, it’s allowed. However, you must make sure that all information provided is accurate, and you also have the permission of the companies or business owners to do so.

6. Can I add multiple listings on the Sumellist platform?

Yes, Sumellist allows registered users to add multiple different listings with accurate information and never forget to obtain permission from the owners before listing.

7. How Do I Claim My Listing?

If you have a listing on and have not yet claimed it, it's quite simple to claim a listing. Simply click on "Claim Listing" on a particular business profile page you want to claim and proceed to claim it.

However, if you cannot find your business or do not currently have a listing on the directory, kindly go to "Get Listed" to list and update your business information.

8. My Business Has Been Claimed, But I Never Claimed It.

If your listing has been wrongly claimed without your knowledge. Simply click "Report" on the particular business profile page you want to dispute the claim and provide us with a formal official email request on your company letterhead.

9. I'm Not A Representative Of A Business, But I Noticed The Information Is Wrong About A Particular Business.

If you have noticed any information we have on file for a business is wrong, outdated, incorrect, or miss leading. Simply click "Report" on the particular business profile page or visit our "Contact Us" page and alert us so that we may investigate further.

However, you can as well correct the wrong information by claiming your listing and editing such information accurately.


How can I promote my business on

To effectively promote your business, sell and earn more on Advertise with us or contact our sales team at

10. How can I contact the Sumellist team?

You are welcome to partner and cooperate with us. Kindly visit Contact us via email:

11. How can I promote my business on

To effectively promote your business, sell and earn more on Advertise with us or contact our sales team at

12. How can I contact the Sumellist team?

You are welcome to partner and cooperate with us. Kindly visit Contact us via email:

Events Frequently Asked Question
1. What Is Sumellist Events?

Sumellist Events is a digital event ticketing website that provides you with hassle and scam-free ticketing experience and services (buying and selling tickets) within China, Mexico, and Nigeria.

2. How Much Does It Cost To List And Sell Events Tickets On

It’s completely free to create a user account and list all types of events on charges a 2% commission fee only on each ticket sold and the secure payment processing fee per transaction.


3. How Do I Get Paid For My Tickets Sales On

It’s essential to provide your payout account details, and 2 to 3 days immediately after the event ends, your payout will commence.

4. How Do I Get My Events Tickets? will always ensure your hard copy Event Tickets gets to you via courier services. Always fill in your booking details accurately with your current residential address and phone contacts to avoid complications in the delivery process.

5. What If My Events Ticket Gets Lost? Can It Be Replaced?

Unfortunately, does not replace any lost hard copy tickets because our promoters and partner companies cannot print hard copy tickets twice to avoid duplication. However, if your electronic E-tickets get lost, you can log into your account and resend the tickets to your email for reprinting.


6. What Happens If An Event Is Canceled? will always refund money back to clients for tickets ordered and paid for if the event is officially confirmed canceled. 
Please Note, Sumellist Tickets will only refund the face value of the tickets purchased.

7. Will I Get A Refund If I Already Purchased An Events Tickets But Could Not Attend? sell tickets in collaboration with event organizers and venue owners. They do not refund money under such circumstances, except their events are officially confirmed canceled.


8. Can I Advertise And Sell Event Tickets On

We have different advertisement plans and also sell tickets for different types of events globally. View “Advertise With Us” page for advertising plans or contact


Homes & Properties Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is It Free To Add My Homes & Properties Listings On

Yes, its completely free to add any listings on but you will have to pay for the listings to be advertised.

2. How Do I Add My Homes & Properties Listings?

You can add multiple listings on Simply, visit the homepage, register and create a free user account, and start listing all your Homes & Properties for free.


3. I’m Finding It Difficult To Verify My Listing.

Sumellist Homes & Properties verify all property managers, brokers, agents, and landlords who submit listings to ensure accuracy and safety on the platform. A listing will be pending until it has been verified and approved. Kindly send us a mail if you are experiencing any delay. Email:


4. Why Was My Listing Rejected?

The following reasons might explain why your listing was rejected or can be rejected on Sumellist Homes & Properties:

1. Invalid email/phone number: all the listings on our platform must have a valid email address and phone number.

2. All Homes & properties listings on the platform must contain high-quality images of both interior and exterior shots of the Homes & properties.

3. If an identical duplicate listing is identified on the website by a particular registered user and on the same listing account.

4. If a listed property address is invalid, it cannot be verified or located on a map.

5. All properties listed on Sumellist Homes & Properties must be on a fixed location, grounded and free-standing structures.

6. A listing that was reported to have been rented or sold will be deleted from the platform and rejected. Kindly contact us via email at if your listing was mistakenly deleted or declined.

5. Is It Free To Search For Properties On

Yes, it is free for all Homes & Properties buyers and sellers to search. Kindly, register and create a free user account on Sumellist to enable you conveniently browse and search for any property of your choice.


6. What Do I Do If A Landlord, Agent, Or Property Manager Refuses To Respond To Emails, Chats Or Answers Phone Calls?

It is very important to note and always remember that all properties listed on the Sumellist platform are self-managed by the properties managers, landlords, and agents. Suppose a buyer cannot communicate with a particular property manager or is not answering phone calls, returning phone calls, or responding to emails or chats?. In that case, it is essential to discontinue and move on to another listed property that is willing to respond accordingly.

7. How Do I Avoid And Report A Scam On

Sumellist Homes & Properties is working round the clock to ensure that our clients enjoy positive online experiences by keeping an eye on scams and fraud.

It’s vital to understand that we cannot guarantee 100% safety and accuracy of all listings on the platform. However, to create a safe marketplace environment for all users to rent, buy or sell their properties, We verify all listings and strictly monitor the website.

While it’s essential to have a verified listing icon as one of the best methods to ensure listings are legit and valid, other methods or ways are as follows:

  1. If, for whatever reason, the landlord or agent refuses to meet you in person at the property, you should discontinue the transaction for safety purposes. A legitimate Landlord or Agent will always meet you in person and allow you to tour the property before requesting you to make a deposit to secure the property.
  2. Fraud stars and scammers may offer property below the current market price that is too good to be true because they know that innocent buyers and renters will be less cautious if they are encouraged to close a good deal quickly without careful checks.
  3. Legitimate landlords or agents will not request you to wire or send money to any third-party account to make buyers and renters believe they are dealing with a legitimate landlord or agent.

Clicking the icon on the listing to report any suspicious listings or email us via

For additional information, insight, and tips on how to avoid scams, please visit Sumellist Scam Fraud Alert.



Beware of scams and fraudulent activities.

Always ensure you carefully inspect properties and transact with registered users.

Report suspicious and fraudulent listing activities to email: Click here for more critical scams fraud alerts. Click here for more critical scams fraud alerts.



Jobs Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is An Employment Or Recruiting Agency?

No, is not an employment or recruiting agency. We do not place people into positions, nor do we manage the payment process between an employer and the employees. is a professional multinational directory and a listing platform.

2. Do I Have To Pay To Browse And View Job Listings?

It’s completely free for visitors to browse and view all listings on However, only dully registered users will have complete access to all listings and other useful comprehensive resources that can help your business grow. 



3. How Do I Apply For Job On

Firstly, you need to Visit the homepage, register and create a free user account, to view employers, full jobs details, or apply for any job. Employees are required to email resume and cover letter to the company’s email address provided  in the job listing page.


4. Does Guarantee That I will Get Hired? does not guarantee jobs placement. We try to ensure that professional and top quality jobs are listed and published on platform.

5. How Do I Post My Job Opening?

You can post job openings by visiting homepage, register, create a free user account, and start posting your job openings.

6. How Long Does It Take To Display Job Listings On

After carefully reviewing each listing.  It takes 2 - 3 working days to approve and publish your listings on the  global platform.

7. How Can I Edit My Job Listing? Do I Post My Job Opening?

You can edit and modify your job listings by signing into your account profile and edit any listings.


Beware of scams and fraudulent activities.
Always ensure you carefully inspect properties and transact with registered users.
Report suspicious and fraudulent listing activities to email: Click here for more critical scams fraud alerts. Click here for more critical scams fraud alerts.

Buying & Selling Frequently Asked Questions
1. How To Sell On Sumellist Mart?
  1. Visit the homepage, register to create a free user account.
  2. Accurately fill the product listing registration form and submit.
  3. Upload multiple high quality products photos and videos.
  4. List your products and start selling.
2. There Is A Problem With My Marketplace Order. What Can I do?

You can always resolve any of such problems directly with your seller. Sellers can help to handle exchanges, returns and also answer questions related to their products and services.

Please note: Sumellist Mart Marketplace items cannot be returned or exchanged at Sumellist Mart. They must be returned or exchanged through the seller.

3. How To Shop On Sumellist Mart Marketplace? Enjoy best experience shopping quality products on Sumellist Mart Marketplace.
  1. Search for any products items of your choice.
  2. Compare prices, reviews and sellers rating.
  3. Contact seller via phone call, message, or chat and negotiate.
  4. Meet seller face to face in a neutral public safe location.
  5. Leave feedback and personal experience about the transaction on the seller’s page.
4. Do You Have A Delivery Service?

No, Sumellist Mart Marketplace does not deliver products.

However, sellers and buyers can always negotiate for a better way to transact and deliver products to buyers.

5. Do Sellers On Sumellist Mart Marketplace Ship Products Internationally?

Currently, sellers on Sumellist Mart Marketplace do not ship Products internationally.

6. Is It Necessary To Have A User Account Before Shopping On Sumellist Mart Marketplace?

Yes, it is necessary to register, create a user account and log into Sumellist Mart to shop. You will have access to a personalized shopping experience that is highly secured, fast and convenient.


7. How Can I Promote My Business On

To effectively promote your business, sell and earn more on, visit “ADVERTISE WITH US” page and view the Sumellist advertising plan.

8. What Are The Prohibited Products And Services On Sumellist Mart Marketplace?

The following are the list of prohibited items you cannot Buy & Sell on this platform:

  1. Prescription drugs, steroids, narcotics, and any illegal substances.
  2. Weapons and others such as fireworks, ammunition, bullets, etc.
  3. Currencies and fake money.
  4. pornography and Sexually oriented services.
  5. Human Organs.
  6. Stolen properties.
  7. Counterfeit and pirated goods.
  8. Animals and plants threatened by extinction.
  9. flammable and any explosive materials. 
  10. All types of goods and services prohibited by law.
  11. Any goods and services that are below standard and quality. 

If you notice the listing of any prohibited products and services on Sumellist Mart, notify us via email: We will delist such a listing and the account suspended until further notice.



Sumellist Mart marketplace is a safe and secure global platform for buying and selling multiple items and can also carry the same risks as any other peer-to-peer website without precaution.

To avoid any scam and fraudulent activities on Sumellist Mart Marketplace, always ensure you see items in person and purchase directly from registered Marketplace sellers.  Click here for more critical scams fraud alerts.

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