Market Glance from Chinese New Year 中国市场的春节大数据

2021 Chinese New Year Data

As the most influential and celebrated festival in China, Chinese New Year is always a key period for businesses and marketers to focus their effort. We’ve listed below some of the topline data points from this years Chinese New Year market trends:


  1. Online retail sales exceeded 120 billion yuan, three times larger than the same period last year.2021年春节网络销售额超过了1200亿元,是上年同期的3倍。
  2. China’s postal and express delivery services collected and delivered 660 million parcels, up 260% year on year.中国邮政和各快递运营商共收揽、送出快递6.6亿个,同比增长260%。
  3. During the Chinese New Year, the number of active mobile internet users has reached 1 BILLION per day with a 6.5 hours average daily usage time.在2021年春节期间,中国移动互联网日均活跃用户达到了10亿,日均使用时间达到了6.5小时/天。
  4. More than 60% of the purchases during the Tmall New Year Festivals were made by millennials.
  5. Over 40% of the people who showed interest in NianHuo, specifically family goods for Chinese New Year, are millennials and Gen Z.在关注年货的人群中,超过40%是90后和00后。
  6. Robot cleaners have indicated a 100% growth, displaying a trend of intelligent products among Chinese consumers. 扫地机器人销售增长100%,展现了中国市场智能产品的新趋势。

Dynamigs’ Insights

It is evident that China’s e-commerce market has shown great capacitywith a powerful young generation presence

For foreign businesses that are keeping an eye on China’s market, these data are strong indicators for China’s growing potential. As one of the few countries that are running normal life during the pandemic, China without questions is a market with opportunities. 


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