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As mothers give birth daily, as money is connected and woven around human beings, as we can’t do without the air we breathe, the digital future is gradually metamorphosing.


 The digital future is of the notion that all productions, buying, and selling operations carried out worldwide will operate digitally shortly.

Microsoft called this world “ambient computing,” and it is believed that the way customers are hooked up constantly will be the new future of businesses.

The digital future connects the world as a global village and accelerates growth in all human capacities. The COVID-19 Pandemic has illustrated the human ability to bring about a more sophisticated digital future through innovation and digital solutions. To achieve such, we need to move faster, look forward to the future, and don’t look back. Understand that it’s not solely about technology only, but it’s also about the people, and we need to be purposeful and always put the customers first.


 Unarguably, the world is becoming digital with the trend of the things happening in the digital world today. This is seen in using different electronic gadgets in our daily lives both at home, in organizations, and businesses. New technologies are springing up daily like giants to vitiate and make obsolete the existing ones, which has completely changed the way we live and work performance and accomplishments of the task in the work environment.

Bruce Springsteen observed that “we’re living in the future, and none of this has happened yet,” and the world is changing, wearing new garments daily due to the impact of digital technologies.

Aaron Levie recently opined that what we are seeing is a level of digital creativity we have never witnessed before.


 Over the years, from the electronic digital computers that were first introduced, there have been significant evolutionary changes in electromechanical characteristics to the present time. Based on these anatomical changes, computers have been classified into first, second, third, fourth, fifth-generation, and artificial intelligence.

Meditate on this transformation you will discover that some fifteen to twenty years ago is far better if compared to the holocaust or the primitive era.

 We have witnessed a more speedy and jet age of digital transformation in the world today in different dimensions. We have seen a chameleon change from a box iron to an electric iron, black and white analog television to a colored digital set such as the LCD screens of various shapes, sizes, and inches, local baking ovens to electric ovens, fluorescent bulbs to energy-saving bulbs, Kettle to the water heater, sophisticated digital cars, airplanes, local canoe to speed boats, ocean liners, and analog to digital.

 There have been tremendous paradigms shift and booms in the banking industries.

Universities and colleges of Education adjustment to online teaching was a sudden and forceful change due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. It wouldn’t have been possible, but due to digital technology, it became possible. The digital age is already here with us.

Many organizations adjust to virtual online streaming to showcase their products and services to a global audience and potential clients. The advent of Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, and other virtual platforms are all significant pointers to the more extraordinary digital future transformation process.

Ron Miller wrote; that the covid-19 virus has pushed us collectively into the digital future, and it’s happening right now, not some days.

Companies and people have gone through 90 – a day flash digital transformation.

 He concluded that we have embraced this digital world, and if there is one positive thing we can take away from this crazy situation, we are never turning back.

We can’t ignore emerging technologies, and it is a breakthrough in the history of humanity and its existence. This breakthrough is for the simplicity of human challenges and ease of life.

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